Triptych arrangements created from panoramic photographs

A triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections. From the Greek words "tri" (three) and "ptyche" (fold). In the ancient world they would have been wax tablets or ivory carvings hinged together. Our more modern triptychs are photographs that are printed on canvas, aluminum or acrylic image panels.


My goal when creating a triptych is to have each side panel work to draw the viewer's eye into the center section. I also like to have some common elements on the side panels and the center panel so the artwork appears as one image. Notice how your eyes are drawn towards the center panel. Also notice how some of the rocks and tree branches are shared between panels.

I find that some triptych arrangements work better using three equal sized square images. Other images work better as triptych arrangements when a dominant rectangle is used as the center panel and two smaller rectangles are used as side panels.

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All text and photographs are © David Lawrence and Prime Images, Inc.

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