MegaPans, our super wide panoramic image

I have been working on some "very wide" panoramas that are 5:1, 6:1, and 7:1 ratio images. I call these "MegaPans" Most of these images have an image ration of 5:1 (instead of our normal 3:1 panoramic images). An image printed 10 feet tall would measure 50 feet in length!

MegaPans are great for really long walls; multiple walls in the same room; or if you are putting a mural above a chair rail and looking for an image that is 4 feet tall x 20 feet long. Of course, these images can be custom cropped to smaller size ratios if you don't have that much wall space to work with.

Learn more about our MegaPans (very wide panoramic images) 

How are they created?   Why you might want to use them in a future project

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